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I be blazin I be blazin.

Last night I stayed up until 7 in the morning. And I had so very much fun. I'm stoked my refund check came! I'll finally have a little bit of cash to work with. But Jenn and Jaqueline came over last night, as well as Dee and her friend, Julias and if i'm not mistaken, like 4 of his friends, dan, cody, and ben. We smoked some ganja, played a shit ton of rockband, and ended up watching Moulin Rouge, which is my favorite movie ever. But I had to crash out real soon.

"If I should die this very moment...I wouldn't fear. For I've never known completeness like being here, wrapped in the warmth of you...loving every breath of you. Why live life from dream to dream?"
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I keep expecting something interesting in my life. Something to make me feel the way I used. Well, something to make me feel at all. I don't enjoy school. I have no idea what I want to do. Well, I do, but I already gave up my dreams to fear. So what do you do when you've known what you've wanted your whole life, and you aren't good at anything else, but you still don't think you're good enough to do what you want to do? It's so confusing.

I miss last year. Staying out all night with my bestest friends, tripping out for days in a row, experiencing everything. Now I sit around. I'm a big waste of space.
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13 January 2010 @ 01:00 am
What to say? I haven't smoked so much as a joint in like... I dunno.... 3 days? That has to be a record for me lol. I'm jonesin right now. My refund check comes tomorrow. $2000, as opposed to Nicole's nearly $5000! Yeah. I started reading twilight recently, just finished the third. It's a pretty good story, but I'm pretty sure I've never read a more shitty writer in my life. I mean, her story is good, but jeez, her writing is almost uncomfortable to read. It's repetitive, un coordinated, and confusing at times.

I sort of maybe met someone? I dunno. I try not to get excited about these things. They so oftwn go awry.

Bleh. It's late. Class starts back the 20th. Double bleh.

I needs a job.
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